Sponsor an Event

Platinum: Rs.15,00,000. Joint branding for a programme. Collaboration for 5 events Gold: Rs.10,00,000. Joint branding for a programme. Collaboration for 3 events Silver: Rs 5,00,000. Joint branding for a programme.Collaboration for 2 events

PUC Events


WHAT: Inter-collegiate cultural extravaganza
Fashion Event:- Patterns evolve- Fashion Forward
When: November 18th,19th,20th 2022

Cascabel 2022

WHAT: Inter-collegiate Christmas extravaganza
WHEN: Dec 9th, 10th 2022
COST: Rs.3,00,000

Common Events

Start-up Carmel

WHAT: Events on Entrepreneship and Innovation
COST: Rs.2,00,000
Deliverables: Formal Recognition of the support by an entrepreneur and formal mentor status of the startup

Young India`s Roadmap for New India

WHAT: A Town Hall event
WHEN: Mar 2023
COST: Rs.1,00,000
Deliverables: Provision for stall in the campus (10*10)

International Conference

WHAT: Retrofitting Strategies for SDGs: A way forward
WHEN: Nov 2022
COST: Rs.3,00,000
Deliverables: Provision for academic collaboration and one stall in the campus (10*10)

Cultural Extravaganza

WHAT: Celebration of the 75th Independence Day
COST: Rs.1,00,000
Deliverables: Provision for one stall in the campus (10*10)


WHAT: Celebrating the Cultural Heritage of Namma Karnataka
WHEN: Jan 2023 COST: 1,00,000
Deliverables: Platform to host theme related events and to have one stall in the campus (10*10)


WHAT: National-level Sports Meet
WHEN: Jan 2023
COST: 2,00,000
Deliverables: Event and Merchandise Partner

Carmel Platina

WHAT: A Carnival and open house on campus and a fashion show
WHEN: Dec 2022
COST: 5,00,000
Deliverables: MCC Student's Fashion team will wear/ exhibit the product and promote the brand throughout the ticketed fashion show. Provision to collaborate in any of the three events Rates would vary for an exclusive show