Sponsor a Programme

Platinum: Rs.15,00,000. Joint branding for a programme. Collaboration for 5 events Gold: Rs.10,00,000. Joint branding for a programme. Collaboration for 3 events Silver: Rs 5,00,000. Joint branding for a programme.Collaboration for 2 events

PUC Programmes

Eve & Eden

What: National Level Symposium and Academic Inter-Collegiate Fest on Eve, Education and Environment
When: August 25th,26th,27th, 2022

RAIN (Reach Out to Anyone in Need)

What: Education of Children of Covid affected parents/ single parent/ class IV employees

Yuva Shakthi

What: Development of Skills based and Entreprenurial Education
When: Inauguration: June 23rd 2022
Ongoing Certificate Course June,July, August 2022

Common Programmes

Model Anganwadi Makeover and Tranformative Action

Join hands with us to make study spaces appealing and to build model Anganwadis would make a difference to childern's future.

MCC Platinum Outreach for Women's Education and Research

We invite you to contibute towards providing free education/ scholarships/ fee waiver to 1750 students.

Women's Innovation & Entreprenurial Roadmap

Help empower 75 first-generation women entrepreneurs & handhold them through the process from ideation to market.

Women In Need Go Green

Join us in empowering socially disadvantaged and disabled women by providing e-vehicles that lets them travel with ease.

Care For Orphans

The Platinum Jubliee will be associated with renovating and remodeling the Childcare Centres at Mariapura and Carmel Ghar.